A Look at Prefabrication for EIFS, Thanks to South Valley Drywall, Inc.

Travis Vap from South Valley Drywall, Inc. recently shared the Le Meridien/AC Hotel project with us, that among other things showcased a prefabricated EIF system.


This project couldn’t have been built without the incredible work from the strong team, that extended to all levels. In addition it took an owner that bought into prefabricating finished exteriors and an architect to change their drawings to accommodate prefabrication. Altogether, the team achieved the quality, speed, and design flexibility needed for this project.


As for the prefabricated EIF system, they were able to incorporate BIM modeling to design the finished panel system, which was built in a climate controlled warehouse off-site resulting in an increase of on-site production by 3 times what’s normally expected. Several techniques were used to fine-tune the imperfections that can occur on any project, while maintaining the benefits of continuous insulation in an EIFS building envelope.



The team behind this Denver, CO hotel came together and it showed with this 100,000 square foot, 20-story building. The overall team included Sto Corp, ProCoat Systems, Gypsum Products (Allied Products), Clark/Dietrich, National Gypsum, Colorado Drywall Supply, Steel Network, Hiliti, HKS, and Swinerton Builders.


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