EIFS in the Spotlight: Sustainability Showcased at The Stratford at Kenwood

Cost savings, energy efficient, sustainable, one warranty, a single trade, and several finishes rarely all seem to be on the table at once. The use of EIFS, more specifically Dryvit’s Outsulation® Plus MD System, showed each of these were attainable and more.

Completed in 2007, The Stratford at Kenwood, Cincinnati, OH appears to be a combination of several building materials, but in fact is all EIFS. Dryvit’s TerraNeo® finish, Lymestone™ finish and DPR™ finish were used across the building’s 180,000 sq/ft to showcase the appearances of granite, limestone, and stucco. Beyond the noticeable aesthetic appeal, the EIFS provided cost savings that would be near impossible to achieve with heavier materials.
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EIFS in the Spotlight: Top Golf with Sto

Last fall, Top Golf opened one of its newest locations in Loudoun County, Virginia. For those unfamiliar with this business, it’s an interactive, all seasons driving range that among other things keeps score based on where you hit each ball. Not only that, but it has an extensive drink and dining menu along with other amusements to keep non-golfers well occupied. It is the ultimate hospitality party house for any occasion. The best part about this new Loudoun County business is that it’s clad in the energy efficient EIFS. Read more