Dryvit Wins Quarterly Project Award for EIFS

Earlier this year, EIMA started the Quarterly Project Award, where one EIFS project will be recognized per quarter for the several benefits this exterior wall system provides. This quarter’s recognition goes to a Dryvit Systems Inc. project, the Lancaster Bible College out of Lancaster, PA. Among the many benefits of this project was the ability to shorten construction timeframes, when using EIFS. The Lancaster Bible College was able to open early with a savings in the expected budget and is now already seeing the benefits of their new energy efficient commons and library, since its opening in the fall of 2012. Outsulation by Dryvit Systems Inc., was used helping the college enjoy a durable and energy efficient project, to meet the new energy codes and requirements for continuous insulation.

Dryvit Quarterly Project

For more information on the Lancaster Bible College and previous winners visit our project gallery: http://www.eima.com/gallery.shtml

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