In the News: EIFS and Insulating Walls

2015 is here! Just a couple weeks into the New Year and we’ve already seen several articles that speak to the benefits of EIFS and the reasons behind insulating the exterior of a building. Below are two worthwhile articles we’ve seen over the last week:


#AskEnergySaver: Insulation, authored by the Department of Energy, answers a question about high energy bills by pointing the consumer in the direction of EIFS.


800_broadWe live in a house with concrete walls and concrete air ducts in the floor. The roof is flat and only about 8 inches to the ceiling. Is there anything we can do to insulate anything? Our energy bills are extremely high.
– from Sloan Marlowe via email


IW: To preface, my suggestions are based on your home being in a predominantly cold climate. Your best approach might be to insulate on the outside of your walls. A contractor can apply an exterior insulation system called EIFS (Exterior Insulated Finish System). You could also put some insulation on your ceiling (six inches is better than none), and depending on this ceiling space, you could install a radiant barrier that will reduce summer time overheating.


Time’s Ask the Expert: The Best Energy Efficiency Upgrades for your Money, answers the question of where a homeowner can find the best return on their investment to better control the temperature of their old farmhouse. When this question is posed to a former Department of Energy consultant he responds with looking at the building envelope first.

What have you been reading about EIFS lately?

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