EIFS Construction Used for the World’s Largest White Castle in Orlando, FL

White Castle, one of the nation’s largest burger chains with nearly 400 restaurants in operation, had designs on opening a new location in Spring 2021. And at 4,567 square feet, it would more than double the size of most other White Castle branches.

As if the size alone weren’t challenging enough, the franchise was looking to expand its geographical reach outside of its typical Midwestern footprint. It had its eye on Orlando, Florida as the host of the franchise’s first restaurant in the Sunshine State.

To make this vision a reality, the typical cold-weather design used to withstand Midwestern winters had to be updated and improved for the Central Florida climate. This new building needed to be able to withstand tropical weather and hurricane-caliber winds and built using materials that would be in compliance with Florida’s stringent building codes.

Ensuring that the first Florida location would provide durable, watertight, continuous insulation while also providing the aesthetics consistent with the White Castle brand would have been a tall task without the right material partner. Fortunately, the team of MS Consultants, Foundation Building Materials in Orlando, and Rue Quality Systems had the ideal solution in Sto and its innovative eifs stucco products. Together, the team was able to fulfill its vision and open Florida’s first White Castle, a sprawling 4,567 square foot facility, on May 3, 2021.

The Products

To ensure the watertight, continuous insulation system necessary to withstand the many faces of Central Florida’s tropical climate, the braintrust for the White Castle project leveraged a variety of innovative StoTherm® products:

StoTherm® ci – this drainable EIFS cladding system combines continuous insulation (ci), air and water-resistive barrier, drainage, and many textured finishes to create a sustainable cladding system well-suited to meet the challenges of Central Florida’s climate. This highly durable EIFS solution helps building owners maximize curb appeal while greatly improving the energy efficiency of the structure.

StoTherm® ci MVES with Stone – StoTherm® masonry veneer engineered systems (MVES) provide the same benefits of other StoTherm® ci systems while allowing for a rustic selection of facades that meet all Florida building codes. By choosing the stone facade for the Central Florida project, the braintrust was able to guarantee aesthetic compatibility with other White Castle locations while providing far superior moisture and temperature control over traditional masonry cladding.
StoGuard® – this advanced air and water-resistive barrier is used in conjunction with StoTherm®ci systems. It is a fluid-applied formula ideal for all types of construction, creating a fully-adhered seamless monolithic exterior wall air and moisture barrier perfect to defend a building against Central Florida’s humidity and air transfer during times of heavy wind. It can be applied with a roller or airless spray to simplify integration with all wall assembly components.

With innovative StoTherm® EIFS products ready to do most of the heavy lifting, all that was left was for the team to put them into action.

The Process

With StoTherm® ci’s fully engineered system, the team was able to use a single source for creating the air- and moisture-proof building envelope.

Executed by Rue Quality Systems, the process started with StoGuard® air and moisture barriers applied to the wall assembly, sealing the building tight.

Rue then added a layer of Sto EPS insulation board to fortify the continuous insulation system and maximize the energy efficiency of the building.

To complete the process, Rue implemented the stone façade of the StoTherm® ci MVES system, providing a durable, elements-proof cladding solution that maintains the aesthetic “castle-like” beauty for which White Castle franchises are known.

The Result

The largest White Castle location in the United States opened on May 3, 2021. On opening day, the restaurant had vehicles lined up around the block, and its popularity as one of Orlando, Florida’s many tourist attractions has not waned after a year of operations.

Although the 4,567 square foot facility has yet to be tested by any severe weather events, it has more than matched the test of handling wave after wave of customers clamoring to get their hands on White Castle’s famous sliders. Its combination of elite durability and pristine aesthetics have it well-positioned to remain an icon in Central Florida for decades to come.

“Having the flexibility when choosing the products and the variation in the finishes was essential,” Chuck Busch, Technical Service Manager at MS Consultants explained of the braintrust’s decision to partner with Sto. The company’s proven track record of using EIFS to create continuous insulation systems for all types of projects proves that modern-day innovation is only limited by the imagination.
White Castle Orlando Project Details

Project Information for White Castle Orlando at a glance:

Location: Orlando, Florida USA
Building Type: Retail
Product Type and System: Aesthetics, EIFS
Sto System and Products: StoTherm ci MVES
Construction Type: New
Construction Method: Field-built
Case study: Click here: https://www.stocorp.com/wp-content/content/Systems_Marketing/Continuous%20Insulation%20Wall%20Systems%20(EIFS)/Case%20Studies/CS_White%20Castle.pdf



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