EIFS in the Spotlight: BASF Wall Systems Highlights East Coast Building

The East Coast Building is a mixed use structure located on the Miami River in Miami FL that provides extensive storage facilities and has a restaurant on the roof deck.  The restaurant offers visitors a great view of the river from a vantage point more than 120 feet above the ground.

BASF-East-Coast-Building-04 (2)

The owner felt that self-storage buildings in an urban setting need to be built in a responsible fashion that blends architectural beauty with active and mixed uses. The structure will include a 30’ by 70’ abstract rendering of birds in flight, and frames the mural with a dramatic exterior cladding appearance created using an Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS).

Stucco, which is a popular cladding is South Florida, was initially considered for the project.  “When the design team reviewed the extensive set of reveals required for the project, they realized that stucco was not a practical solution”, explains John Thomas of BASF Wall Systems.  “The most effective way to create the intended appearance was to incorporate EIFS.”

BASF-East-Coast-Building-05 (2)

With summer temperatures reaching 150 degrees F on exterior building surfaces and heavy demand placed on HVAC systems, the continuous insulation that is inherent in EIFS was a substantial added bonus.

Souza Construction of Miami FL has been installing EIFS in South Florida since the early 1980s, and were selected for this project based on their high standard of workmanship demonstrated over the last 30+ years.

BASF-East-Coast-Building-03 (2)

Architectural beauty and mixed use functionality now work together on the banks of the Miami River, facilitated by an EIFS cladding.

Project Name: East Coast Building
Project Location: Miami, Florida
BASF Distributor: Banner Supply Company – Miami, Florida
EIFS Installer: Souza Construction – Miami, Florida

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