EIFS in the Spotlight: Hampton Inn, Dryvit Systems, Inc.

The problem: a leaking exterior with thin brick, that was resulting in pieces of the wall falling off. That was all it took to convince the owners of the Minnesota Hampton Inn there building needed a substantial renovation.

bricks-popping-offneelevinsulationThe solution: the project architects quickly recommended ReVyvit by Dryvit: a complete removal and re-clad, following by the installation of EIFS with multiple Dryvit finishes, including Custom Brick™. The appearance of brick was needed to meet the locality’s preferred exterior appearance. The building owner was immediately satisfied.



One of the keys to a successful renovation is to bring the subcontractor in early on the process. That’s exactly what happened on this project. Jim Geisen, president of W. E. Nelson Stucco Company, was involved early. “This project was kind of a unique project as we had a lot of components. We had a complete remediation, meaning a complete tear-down, and then also a complete rebuild with several unique products: stucco, EIFS, stone, Custom Brick and also a complete window removal and replacement. So, it was the complete exterior,” said Geisen.


“I’d like to stress how much more seal tight everything is. It’s tight, it’s clean, it looks fresh and new, and now we’ve even been through winter. We don’t have windows that have condensation on them — none of that anymore,” said Mark Maves, General Manager of the property. “I think that during the year we’ve had this product on our building, we’ve probably reduced our energy costs by 25 to 30 percent; and that makes me very happy.”

The EIFS in the Spotlight program continues to be a way for EIMA to shed light on projects that went above and beyond what is expected of a building envelope.

Watch this video to learn more about the successful project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRimTSrKVV8&t=4s


Project Name: Hampton Inn
Project Location: Maple Grove, MN
Owner: TPI Hospitality
Architect: Cities Edge Architects
GC: Eagle Building Company
Applicator: W.E. Nelson Stucco Company
Dryvit Distributor: Lutz Company

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