EIFS Insurance Symposium and Growing Database of Coverage Opportunities


Over the last year, EIMA representatives have attended the International Risk Management Institute’s Annual Conference, met with nationally recognized insurance companies to discuss coverage for EIFS projects, held an EIFS Insurance Symposium, and expanded the database of access points on the EIMA website. The EIMA website now includes better navigation tools for locating insurance access points, and a new list of options for those seeking out coverage. Both the EIFS Insurance and EIMA Initiatives page include pathways to addressing these issues.

Insurance Symposium from Warren Barber

EIFS Insurance Symposium Panelists (photo credit Warren Barber)

Moving forward, here are some useful tools:

The EIFS Insurance Page: http://www.eima.com/eifs-insurance

EIMA Initiatives(Expanded List of Coverage Opportunities): http://www.eima.com/initiative/insurance

News Release: http://www.eima.com/news/press-releases/2016-july-eima-pushes-eifs-insurance

EIFS Insurance Symposium Video

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