EIMA Requests Interpretation from ICC on EIFS

The EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA) recently requested an interpretation from the International Code Council (ICC) on the use of EIFS in the International Residential Code (IRC).  The interpretation was requesting further clarification on Section R 703.9 of the 2009 and 2012 editions of the IRC and the use of “barrier” EIFS.


It was the initial understanding, and intent, of EIMA that the code language was to be consistent with the Evaluation Reports of its members, precluding “barrier” EIFS on residential framed/sheathed construction.  EIMA’s intent with the initial inclusion of EIFS in the 2009 and subsequently the 2012 code was for EIFS with Drainage (“New” EIFS) to be required on framed walls with sheathing when designing in accordance with the IRC.  Further, “barrier” EIFS would not be included in this restriction when the substrate is concrete or masonry walls.


In the ICC’s response to EIMA, they give confirmation that the intent of EIMA’s initial request for inclusion in the 2009 IRC is as they intended.  EIFS with Drainage is required for all exterior walls except for concrete and masonry walls, where “barrier” EIFS can be used as an appropriate system.


The entire question and answer from EIMA and the ICC is attached on the following pages.

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