EIMA Shows at the NAHB International Builders Show

EIMA was a recent participant in the 2013 International Builders Show that ran from January 22-24 in Las Vegas.  Early last year, EIMA agreed to find a variety of ways to work more closely with the National Association of Home Builders, and having a booth at the IBS show was one of the ideas.  Joining EIMA staff was Brett Henry, who is the Western States Representative for Dryvit Systems Inc.


During the three-day show (that an estimated 49,000 individuals attended), EIMA was approached with a variety of comments about the current EIFS market.  Overall, there were several positive remarks about the choice of EIFS as an exterior wall system and additional questions about the new advancements in the system.  EIMA had information available on different finishes (with actual samples), two samples of EIFS with drainage, information on where to obtain insurance for EIFS, a folder that included information with a variety of items, as well as contractor information and a video showing handsome EIFS finishes and durability tests.


Several attendees stopped by the booth and were impressed with the features of EIFS that they were previously unaware of, while others were impressed with the advancements the system has made over the last decade.  Additionally, several colleagues from Washington, DC and some members from different corners of the country were also in attendance and stopped by to see the traffic we were receiving.


Many of those who attended were also able to tour two different versions of a home built by BASF. One home was under construction, while the other was a completed look of what a home could look like. While touring the first house, EIFS was an example used for a building envelope.


The show was a success, and EIMA looks forward to its participation again next year to further educate and encourage construction of homes clad with EIFS.

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