How Do You Want To Feel?

Did you know an estimated 40 percent of all energy in a building is for heating and cooling?  How about the fact, that 39 percent of that energy leakage is through the walls?  That’s right, 39 percent!


Think about the past week and the record high temperatures we’ve seen sweeping the United States.  On the East Coast, we’re currently seeing temperatures around 100 degrees.  Whenever you hear, read or just think about energy efficiency upgrades a dollar sign probably appears in your head.  How much is it going to cost and what will be my return value from it, right?  So, imagine those high air conditioning costs you’re going to be seeing on your next energy bill; then remember, we’re only in June.  Let’s not even think about the fact that the winter brings in colder air and we have to turn our attention to heating our house.  That is unless you plan to walk around in a winter coat and scarf all winter long, and avoid the urge to have company at any point.


Consider this, EIFS offers continuous insulation which helps to drastically minimize that energy leakage on your walls.  During the summer when you’re pumping the air conditioning through your home or building your energy bills will be lower.  Not only is EIFS going to insulate your walls, but it’s going to do it on the exterior of the building or home.  Which means that 99 degree heat in Washington, DC right now won’t be getting through as the cooler air inside is getting out.


With the wide range of benefits EIFS can offer you in energy savings, think about the ones that will make a noticeable impact on you right now.  Enjoy the heat when you’re outside lying by the pool; don’t suffer through it when you’re trying to enjoy the inside of your home.


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