If EIFS and Stucco Aren’t the Same Thing, Then what’s The Difference?

On June 28th, in a post entitled EIFS vs. Stucco: Energy and More, we discussed the benefits of EIFS compared to stucco while pointing to another article entitled Why Property owners Should Choose EIFS over Stucco. In the post we discussed the advantages EIFS had with both energy and moisture control.


So, this raises the question for some if EIFS isn’t stucco, then what is the difference? First off, EIFS has addressed many of the issues from the past with the creation of a drainage system, creating what many call “New” EIFS. This “New” EIFS includes the drainage system and water resistant barrier creating a superior exterior cladding at addressing moisture control.


EIFS is an acrylic based system applied over an insulation panel, giving an “R” value to the wall; while stucco is a cementitious based system that does not give an “R” value to the wall, since it lacks insulation.


Brian Pelletier makes some good points in his article, discussing differences between both systems.


EIFS is a relatively new product which uses a few layers to modify traditional cement stucco and make it more flexible. This allows application in a thinner coating which saves time and material. The system also includes an insulation layer that improves system and building performance.  The entire EIFS system consists of a moisture barrier, the foam insulation, cement basecoat, reinforcing mesh, and finishes.


Nice overall comparison put together by Brian Pelletier.  If you want to read the article in its entirety visit: What the heck is the difference between EIFS and Stucco systems?

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