Join EIMA Today and Receive a 15-Month Membership!

Are you aware of the benefits of EIMA membership?  These benefits have expanded over the past few years, and the value of EIMA membership continues to grow.


In 2011, membership dues were applied toward support of EIMA’s ambitious research and technical programs.  These funds further validated exterior insulation and finish systems by demonstrating with robust scientific evidence the advantages of EIFS and its energy efficiency qualities.  Information about these programs has been and will continue to be contained in EIMA newsletters and on our website


This year, EIMA has been allocating a significant portion of its dollars toward market advancement, improvement in the availability of affordable insurance coverage for EIFS, and improvement in the curriculum for the AWCI ‘EIFS – Doing it Right’ Program.  These programs strengthen the foundation for EIFS while providing a benefit to EIMA members.


We know that we have much to do to achieve our goal of advancing the EIFS industry.  In order to maintain and increase our critical work, we need your support.  So, come help maintain the vital work of the EIFS Industry Members Association.  Remember that EIMA is the only national organization solely dedicated to the advancement of exterior insulation and finish systems.  Without your continued support, protection of EIMA’s gains and the advancement of EIFS will be slowed, so please act now.


An application to join EIMA can be found at  EIMA looks forward to your support in building an even stronger, more robust industry.


*If your application and dues are received before October 1, 2012, your firm will receive a 15-month membership with EIMA (October 1, 2012 through December 31, 2013) + a FREE EIMA tote bag!

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