Keeping up your EIFS

Your Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) can last you the life of your building, but like all things keeping up the maintenance is key to this lifespan.  Initial EIFS walls were installed in the late 1960’s and most are still in service as of today.


What type of maintenance is required for an EIFS?

Periodic cleaning is suggested to maintain the EIFS appearance. Sometime repair of impact damage or punctures of the EIFS are necessary to restore surface integrity. As with all claddings, abutting elements such as sealant and flashing should be periodically inspected and maintained.


How can you clean the finish coat?

EIFS manufacturers provide procedures for cleaning for specific systems. Periodically EIFS finishes may need to be cleaned to remove dirt, algae (usually green stains on the surface of the finish), or mildew (generally black stains that look like dirt) that can accumulate on the surface. Basically, mild cleaning detergents, and low water pressure cool water, and a soft bristle brush. DO NOT USE THE FOLLOWING: cleaner that is solvent based; high water pressure; hot water; or wire brushes.


What materials can I use to re-coat my EIFS?

For situations where you might wish to change the color of the building, or paint the building for some other reason, EIFS manufacturers produce several quality paint products (acrylic or elastomeric) to re-coat and enhance the existing coating. Other alternatives are to use a quality, high-grade 100% acrylic exterior grade paint. Before re-coating, appropriate repairs should be made and the surface should be cleaned to remove any surface contamination.


Whom do I contact if I need repairs?

EIFS manufacturers provide a “distributor locator” on their website to locate the distributor nearest you. The distributor can assist you in locating appropriate qualified contractors.

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