Membership Spotlight: Carter Benjamin of Wind-lock

Since an organization’s success can be traced back to the strength of its membership, EIMA recognizes its members who go above and beyond usual expectations.


Wind-lock Corporation provides useful tools, mechanical fasteners, and other products to the EIFS industry. In addition to regularly attending the EIMA Annual Meetings, Wind-lock representatives are active on EIMA committees and other association initiatives. Past recognitions include the 2014 EIMA Associate Member Award in Las Vegas, NV.


Wind-lock Associate Member of the Year

David Johnston (EIMA), Bill Braden (Vela Insurance Services), Ron Chelli (Wind-lock), Peter Balint (Former EIMA and Dryvit President), Carter Benjamin (Wind-lock), Andrea Loud (Wind-lock)


On this occasion, EIMA is shining the spotlight on Wind-lock’s Executive Vice-President, Carter Benjamin, who joined Wind-lock in 1999. His prior experience involves spending nearly 14 years as a sales manager at Pitney Bowes. Carter is not only one of the longest serving members on EIMA’s Communications and Education Committee, and was recently tapped by the EIMA Board of Directors’ President, Bill Kasik, as its new chairman.


Carter Benjamin

Photo Credit: Linkedin Profile

Carter brings a modern day approach to marketing efforts, focusing on new techniques that look to tomorrow rather than focusing on what worked years ago. Furthermore, he has developed a high-level of respect from other members, which follows him during every discussion. As EIMA is currently in the process of selecting a strategic marketing plan, Carter offers a unique form of leadership and direction that will help guide the association through the selection and implementation of this proposal.


Wind-lock staff

Wind-lock staff at the 2014 EIMA Annual Meeting (Andrea Loud, Tanoy Douglass, Ron Chelli, Carter Benjamin)


Several members of EIMA deserve special recognition and Carter Benjamin is one of them. We hope the next time you see Carter you thank him for his contributions to the EIFS industry.