Membership Spotlight: Trisco Construction Services, LLC


Trisco Construction Services, LLC (TCS) specializes in the restoration, renovation, and rejuvenation of EIFS facades. They provide complete façade investigation and evaluation services, construction and coordination services, and a design/build concept that allows owners to be involved with all aspects of the project. Together with their Sister-Company Trisco Systems, Inc., TCS has over 80 years of specialized experience in the restoration and preservation of building facades. In recent years, Trisco has been listed on the Walls & Ceilings Magazine’s “Top 50 Contractors in the US” and their projects include various property types such as condominiums, hotels, casinos, and other commercial buildings. The family business is headquartered in Lima, OH and their services been provided throughout the eastern United States since 1936.

TCS is active on social media and often shares content on the positive benefits of EIFS.

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