Misconceptions Surrouding Flame Retardants in Foam Plastic Insulation

In a recent article, from the Pennsylvania Building Officials Conference, author Jesse J. Beitel discusses fire safety as it pertains to the foam plastic insulation in buildings with high energy performance numbers.


One of the main pieces of the article, as Beitel points out, is the misconceptions with flame retardants. Beitel clarifies, “Those advocating the code changes claim that potential health hazards associated with flame retardants outweigh the fire safety benefits flame retardants provide; however, scientific risk assessments from around the world have consistently found low to no human health risk related to foam plastic insulation containing flame retardant.”


Obviously there are several benefits to flame retardants in foam plastic insulation, including both helping to prevent flames from spreading or even slowing the ignition point in the first place. Examples such as these, among others, are the reasons EIMA has been active in fighting restrictions put against flame retardants in foam plastic insulation.


To view the entire article visit the Pennsylvania Building Officials Conference page .


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