Pop Quiz: Which Exterior is EIFS?

You can’t always judge a book by it’s cover.


Thanks to advancements in the technology of building materials, the finish coat of EIFS can often deceive on first glance. Replicating brick, limestone, metallic, and stucco finishes are all easily achieved, in addition to a variety of other colors and textures.


Knowing that, can you tell which exterior is EIFS?



You probably assumed this was a bit of a trick question, and in fact all of these images are examples of EIFS.



EIFS is an exterior wall cladding system that gives you the ability to create whatever you may have dreamed up. Here are some more examples of what you can do:


New Mexico State University ParexUSA project resized

New Mexico State University Building

Dryvit Custom Brick Rises To The Top of Hotel 1

Le Meridien, The Joseph

Dryvit 1645 Pacific Ave 2 resized

1645 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA


Did you know EIFS could do all of this? Share your favorite photos with us and use #EIFS.


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