EIFS in the Spotlight: Sustainability Showcased at The Stratford at Kenwood

Cost savings, energy efficient, sustainable, one warranty, a single trade, and several finishes rarely all seem to be on the table at once. The use of EIFS, more specifically Dryvit’s Outsulation® Plus MD System, showed each of these were attainable and more.

Completed in 2007, The Stratford at Kenwood, Cincinnati, OH appears to be a combination of several building materials, but in fact is all EIFS. Dryvit’s TerraNeo® finish, Lymestone™ finish and DPR™ finish were used across the building’s 180,000 sq/ft to showcase the appearances of granite, limestone, and stucco. Beyond the noticeable aesthetic appeal, the EIFS provided cost savings that would be near impossible to achieve with heavier materials.
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