The Value of Membership on All of Us

A strong and active membership is the key to any association’s success.  The same goes for the success of the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA).  Our members make up our committees and play a large role in the direction they want to see the EIFS industry go.  Since 1981, EIMA has been advocating on behalf of the EIFS industry to advance exterior insulation and finish systems.  EIMA has maintained partnerships with industry and government organizations at all levels in order to promote the advantages of EIFS to regulatory and standard development bodies.


As a member of EIMA you will have:

  • Access to training courses in cutting edge techniques
  • Discount registration fee for EIMA’s Annual Meeting
  • Networking opportunities at important industry trade shows
  • Information about upcoming construction projects
  • Access to “EIFS Briefs,” The EIMA newsletter keeping our members up to date with industry leading information on government regulations and industry standards.


EIMA also protects EIFS by aggressively responding to erroneous claims and publicity through presenting the facts about EIFS.  EIMA, as well, conducts research about EIFS and publicizes the advantages of EIFS that are demonstrated by this research. Currently, EIFS accounts for about 30% of the U.S. Commercial opaque exterior wall market. In a growing industry working with government and industry organizations in critical to removing obstacles from the use of EIFS. By advocating for its members and conducting scientific studies, EIMA is able to promote EIFS as the future of building exterior cladding.


For more information about an EIMA membership please contact (800) 294-3462.

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