We Are Stronger Together

The current environment is one that the entire world is experiencing. It is changing almost hourly. The EIMA staff hopes that everyone and their families stay safe and well, particularly during this time.

The EIMA organization has always been a source of strength for the EIFS industry, an industry that has sustained and overcome many incredible challenges in the past. EIMA has aided its membership in meeting those challenges then. It will do so now and in the future.

The EIMA staff is, for the most part, working full-time remotely. We are working on those issues that the EIMA Board and membership have identified for the purpose of making our industry stronger and more competitive. These include codes and standards, advocacy, planning for the 2021 annual meeting, and the 2020 Hero awards program.

EIMA will increase the amount of communication that it will have with you in order to help you navigate through the challenges that you are meeting. In addition to the bi-monthly EIFS Briefs, you can expect to see bi-weekly communication that the staff is developing.

The EIMA staff wants to stay in touch with you, so if you do have a question or comment on an industry issue, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail message or leave a voicemail message. We will be delighted to respond. We close this message with stealing a very appropriate line from the 2020 annual meeting:

“We Are Stronger Together”

David A. Johnston, CEP
Executive Director/CEO
(703) 538-1616

Scott Robinson
Director of Public Affairs
(703) 538-1614

Laurie Joseph
Director of Communications
(703) 538-1615

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