Women in Construction Week: Meet Barbara Catlow

Beginning on Monday, EIMA has been highlighting the importance of women in the construction industry and more specifically the EIFS industry. Today, we’re happy to introduce you to Barbara Catlow.

Barbara CatlowBarbara Catlow
Channel Manager
Dryvit Systems, Inc., part of the
Tremco Construction Products Group
Chair, EIMA Communications and Education Committee
Member, EIMA Membership Committee

How long have you worked in the construction industry?
I have been in my current position for 1 ½ years, and have been in the industry almost 38 years.

What do you like about working in the construction industry?
It is great to be part of a industry that leaves such a lasting, physical footprint on the community. Everyone can relate to a building, whether it is a place we live in, work in, shop in or just walk by. To play a role in the construction of such important structures is truly enjoyable.

What changes have you seen in the role of women in the construction industry over the years?
When I first joined this industry in 1983, there were very few women outside the office. Today, women play key roles in every area including manufacturing, R&D, marketing, sales, architecture, engineering, contracting and more. Seeing a woman in those roles is no longer a rare occurrence, but rather an expected one.

What advice would you offer a woman considering a career in the construction industry?
Dive in! Be confident in your area of expertise, enjoy what you do and lead the next generation of young women into the construction industry.

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