Women in Construction Week: Meet Laurie Joseph

In celebration of WIC Week, the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA) is proud to recognize women in leadership positions in the EIFS industry. Each day this week, EIMA highlighted a female leader from within the membership. Today, we want to introduce you to our very own Director of Communications, Laurie Joseph.

How long have you worked in the construction industry?
I’ve been at EIMA for over ten years now. Prior to that I was a marketing director for a shopping center developer, and early on in my career I worked in the construction department of a commercial real estate developer in Washington, D.C. So, in some ways, I guess you could say real estate is in my blood.

What do you like about working in the construction industry?
What I like most about the construction industry is the process itself of constructing. From the creativity and vision of the designer, to the scientific knowledge of the engineer, to the craftsmanship of the laborer, I have such respect and admiration for every hand and mind involved. They say it takes a village, and that could not be truer for the teamwork it takes to construct a building. Specifically, what I enjoy about working at EIMA is getting to know all the players on the team, understanding what is important to each of them, and sharing in the common goal of advancing an industry.

What changes have you seen in the role of women in the construction industry over the years?
It’s obvious that the role of women is changing not just in the construction industry, but in society overall. It’s quite amazing to bear witness to and be a part of. Specific to the EIFS industry, I’m especially glad to see more and more women in attendance at EIMA Annual Meetings and having seats (yes, plural!) on the EIMA Board of Directors.

What advice would you offer a woman considering a career in the construction industry?
It’s a fun and fantastic industry that offers so many opportunities for a career. Whether donning a hard hat or sitting in a boardroom, it’s a great way have an impact on the built environment in your community, or beyond. So go for it, be yourself, work hard, and you will shine!

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