2016 EIMA Annual Meeting: Kickoff Speaker Announced

Whatever your aspirations, whatever your goals … YOU, too, can tap the power and become the success you’ve always wanted to be. Unlike any other sports psychologist performance consultant in the country, Dr. Bob has an academic and experiential background that allows him to really understand what it means to be an athlete or performer at every level.


Dr. “Bob” Winters        Photo: davidleadbetter.com

Winning isn’t just about winning the trophy or coming in first; it’s about feeling good about yourself and the quality of the effort you put in to your sport or climbing your own personal ladder of success. With Dr. Bob on your team, it truly is possible to make winning a reality.


About the Speaker:
Internationally recognized, Dr. Robert K. Winters, affectionately known as Dr. Bob, is a hybrid unlike any other sports psychologist performance consultant in the country.
Currently the resident sports psychologist at the David Leadbetter World Headquarters and president of Mindpower Sports, Dr. Bob has taught performance enhancement skills to actors, performers, and athletes at every level for decades.



Author of “The Ten Commandments of Mindpower Golf”, Dr. Bob can also be seen regularly on The Golf Channel’s “The Turn” and GolfWeek.com. He has also been featured in numerous national and international publications including Golf Week, Asian Golf Monthly, Golf Fitness, Michigan Golfer Magazine, Golf International Magazine, and PGA Tour Partners magazine.


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