9 Reasons You Should Be An EIMA Member

Active membership participation within EIMA is helping to craft the direction of the EIFS industry. Members are engaged in marketing plans, in-depth industry research, advocacy cases, code proposals, and briefings to educate building code officials and insurance providers.

“The work of the EIMA committees we serve on is enhancing the industry as well as our own personal business; the networking opportunities presented to us have been invaluable.”
John J. Hiel

Here are the 9 reasons you should be part of the EIFS Industry Members Association:

1. Advocacy and Legislative Leadership: educate the construction industry and governmental leaders on the value and benefits of EIFS; advocate and encourage equal opportunity for EIFS.

2. Codes and Standards: representation of the EIFS industry at code development hearings and meetings of standard developing organizations.

3. Information: access to current EIFS industry information through “EIFS Briefs”, a bi-monthly electronically delivered newsletter, and EIMA’s website.

4. EIFS projects completed by members can receive promotional opportunities, such as being placed on the EIMA website, inclusion in the soon-to-come “EIFS in the Spotlight”, and mentions in future industry news briefs.

5. You’ll get a chance to vote! When participating on committees you’ll have the chance to contribute to the industry’s advancement through active participation in a wide range of activities, including the ability to vote on several actions.

6. Training Programs: access to cutting edge techniques, tools and procedures for effective and efficient EIFS application through the AWCI “EIFS Doing It Right” Program.

7. Networking Opportunities: partner and affiliate with other firms having a stake in the health of the EIFS industry.

8. Supporting EIFS Research: funding research on the performance of EIFS.

9. The EIMA logo: placing the EIMA logo on your website and other materials shows customers your added dedication to the industry and making sure everything is done right.

EIMA LogoType 287What reasons would you add?

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