EIMA Launches EIFSforChicago.com

The EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA) announced, at its 2014 Annual Meeting, the launch of a new website to help better educate the greater-Chicago area about exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS).


The website, EIFSforChicago.com, shows advancements with EIFS as well as addressing specific concerns (myths) that are commonly used by exterior wall cladding competitors. In addition, the website offers several local area contacts in the EIFS community for anyone looking to work with it.


Over the last decade, some localities have adopted masonry-heavy ordinances that restrict EIFS and other building materials. Through research, EIMA and others believe these ordinances have been adopted based on erroneous information about EIFS. This website will help correct misconceptions about EIFS.



…is very durable.

…is strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds.

…is fire tested.

addresses moisture within walls.

…comes in multiple colors and designs.


It’s time to take another look at EIFS.

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