EIMA Makes Push for Construction Industry

This week, the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA) sent a letter to the Governors Hogan (Maryland) and Cuomo (New York) requesting their action to label businesses in the construction industry as “essential businesses.”

While prioritizing the health and safety of our members, EIMA will continue to advocate their essential role in the workforce. Below is a section from the letter. You can read the entire signed copy at the bottom.

Dear Governors Hogan and Cuomo

On behalf of the 600 plus members representing the exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) industry, I’m writing to commend you for your ongoing work to combat COVID-19, while doing your best to consider economic impacts to the workforce. According to the Associated Building and Contractors of America, 70% of contractors were finding it difficult to find skilled labor. With the challenges not only on the horizon, but facing us today, these struggles will only increase.

Many governors, yourselves included, have labeled the construction industry as an “essential business,” allowing for some progress to continue. We thank you for this step in truly highlighting the importance of the construction industry. As governors across the country work with state and local governments on what restrictions to put in place to maximize health and safety efforts, we encourage language that continues to emphasize the importance of not putting the construction industry to rest.

To offer consistency from cities to counties and across the United States, we support a recent request from a coalition from the roofing industry to develop model language that helps to expedite these efforts. Consistent language across the broad spectrum of construction-related industries will be easier to draft, interpret and apply, and be more efficient for all participants. The overall economy needs construction to safely continue throughout this crisis.

Read the Letter to Governors Hogan and Cuomo

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