Busting Durability Myths: EIFS Shows its Strength

The myth that EIFS isn’t strong enough doesn’t work anymore.  Advancements in the system have shown how strong it really is:


  • A 100% acrylic binder to prevent yellowing, chalking, and cracking.
  • A color that is tied into the finish, so if the system’s exterior is damaged with a scratch it will go unnoticed.
  • The system is designed to be flexible to movement when a building expands and contracts from weather changes.


Sometimes, seeing is believing though; so here are some videos to show you the durability of EIFS. It definitely packs a punch.


Here is a sledgehammer and screwdriver test from BASF Wall Systems:


Dryvit Systems “Missile Test”


So, when you’re told that EIFS isn’t a durable option, you tell them otherwise because you know better.

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