Calling All Contractors!

Is it the urge to have your fingerprints on an architectural marvel? Or, is it based on the continuous love for building things? Maybe it’s just the feeling that you look great in a hardhat. No matter the reason, your role in the building and construction industry is one that cannot be ignore.

As the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA) continues to target issues impacting the contractor membership, we’re hoping more of you will join our team. In recent years, EIMA added a contractor representative to the board of directors, launched the “Be an EIFS Craftsman” campaign, and began outreach to other organizations that would partner on pressing issues. Recently, Sarah Aird – Nichols (EIMA Board of Directors Contractor Representative and EIMA Contractor Committee Chair) penned a letter to contractors on why they should join EIMA.

Read the letter here:

Sarah Aird-Nichols Recruitment Letter to EIFS Contractors (1)

Don’t waste a moment. Join EIMA and help address the challenges facing contractors today as we work as One Industry Team, Headed for the Future! 

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